Pondering on the barriers to human connection. Especially now when there are fewer incentives to cultivate new relational spaces. As I wrote this poem, I was overcome with deep sadness and grief. I hope for our outlook to change and a new wave of relatedness.

How does one make a warm connection in a world of fear?
Where everyone is independent with no one to endear.

First, there was technology to avoid eye contact,
Dwelling safely in the pixel world, virtually intact.

Then entered the mask, the faces of people became unreachable,
No longer detecting a frown or smile, the human world untenable.

Perhaps social distancing was the last straw of disconnection,
Big signs to keep away, prominent yellow warnings of caution.

I long to live in communities that cherish shared spaces,
To cultivate together, with no incentive(s) for separate pledges.

Shall we go back to the old ways when we enjoyed each other,
When we reminisced boundless chatter, no ONE trailblazer.


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