Spiralling back in Trauma recovery

No one really addresses the #trauma #spiral. I am speaking about the process of despair when we return to adaptive responses. This phenomenon often occurs when our nervous system is activated. Going back to vigilance can override the progress made towards safety & stability. Often clients express these times as a failure, it foregrounds remorseContinue reading “Spiralling back in Trauma recovery”


Most of the clients I work with experienced mis-attunement with their primary caregivers in their early years. At the beginning of therapy, we focus on developing an inner felt sense of warmth, care & safety. Eventually, this exploration settles. The internal world opens up. Positive emotions enter like a fresh breeze opening their grip onContinue reading “SELF-Attunement”

Lost connection

Pondering on the barriers to human connection. Especially now when there are fewer incentives to cultivate new relational spaces. As I wrote this poem, I was overcome with deep sadness and grief. I hope for our outlook to change and a new wave of relatedness. How does one make a warm connection in a worldContinue reading “Lost connection”


I have come out of a 2-day workshop. I have an yearning to deepen my connection with the body and its resourcefulness. Each day, I feel enamoured by its beauty, intelligence and wisdom. This poem comes from a well of sadness that embodied knowing does not find its rightful place in therapy & life. AnContinue reading “Body-Language”