The lure of the unknown

Being with uncertainty is not for the faint-hearted,Our brain wants to know & plan, ever so calculated. Body interferes with fidgets & ickiness,Sensations range from numbness and fizzy to flightiness. Every pore of the body wants to return to the familiar,Predictability is the human superpower; it rests on the borders. Scanning for a way outContinue reading “The lure of the unknown”

What I learnt from you – An ode to my clients

Every year, I reflect on what I have learnt by being with my clients. I have recognised that no course that can teach me the subtle art of relational safety & trust. I have to understand by listening and attending to the unspoken between us. I use the keywords from what I hear to constructContinue reading “What I learnt from you – An ode to my clients”

Embodied Role Reversing

In times like now, when our differences are dominant, how does one seek harmony? Reversing roles, a beautiful tool in #Psychodrama is one way to be in the shoe of another, long enough for embodied empathy. Being on the periphery is a heartache,There is nowhere to hide; NADA breaks. Repeatedly, reminders with words such asContinue reading “Embodied Role Reversing”

Spiralling back in Trauma recovery

No one really addresses the #trauma #spiral. I am speaking about the process of despair when we return to adaptive responses. This phenomenon often occurs when our nervous system is activated. Going back to vigilance can override the progress made towards safety & stability. Often clients express these times as a failure, it foregrounds remorseContinue reading “Spiralling back in Trauma recovery”