Reflection Session – June 2016 Update


A group configured last month to reflect on their inner journey. There were 3 individuals from an open program as far back at August 2013.  The participants were from open programs (Emotional Intelligence, Finding me 1, Finding me 2, How I Relate) or corporate sponsored interventions.

The idea of the 2 hour reflection –

  1. Acknowledge & Celebrate the progress made :  This is very important to keep the motivation to continuously engage in the inner journey.
  2. Receiving feedback in the here & now : The biggest strengths of working is to receive experiencing in the here & now. This  process is very powerful allowing reframing.
  3. Visual of the vision for the next 6 months : Each participant had to draw their vision end of the year. To allow it to be deeply embedded – they directed a non verbal sculpture using the members of the group. To witness their vision in action was a powerful moment for every one.

This type of group process allows each individual to reconnect with themselves and their vision of themselves. We plan to hold these reflective spaces every 2 months.

If you are curious about what these open programs are like – do join the upcoming intro session on July 17 SUnday 11 am. Details are here




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