Upcoming Intro workshop – Bangalore

There are so many people (including yourself) who may have never considered a proactive step in personal growth. Initiating this journey is akin to planting the metaphorical seed and see yourself grow as a Tree. Expanding branches and growing roots.

The Branch here is a great metaphor for new behavior, reframing response to new or old stimulus, getting in touch with a range of emotions and acting from congruence.  Deepening your roots is about expanding the self concept and having more self acceptance. Simply put it is to like yourself and operate from a faith within.

posterRead about the methodology i follow here.

An introductory workshop is being offered on July 17th for anyone interested in pursing their own journey or supporting it for someone else (individual or organization). You can read about the past workshop here & here

For details contact or interest in attending the workshop contact me @ jaya.narayan.ramani@Gmail.com




2 responses to “Upcoming Intro workshop – Bangalore”

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