Relationship is the goal of therapy

As a therapist in my early days, I got reprimanded for privileging relational connection, trust and safety. Somehow, the attention (then) was on being distanced, formal and objective. The persona of the therapist was bigger than their personhood. Authenticity didn’t have a place inside the room. Therapeutic success was measured when the client(s) went outsideContinue reading “Relationship is the goal of therapy”

Complex Trauma

I work with numerous clients who are experiencing complex trauma. The paradox is that the source of the trauma stems from the betrayals of our loved ones, the inner circle of trust and safety. Due to the nature of the manifestation and its toil on mental/ emotional health, it takes a long time for traumaContinue reading “Complex Trauma”


An acrostic poem for trauma healing During a recent session, I recommend becoming self-centred to my client. I moved towards them in the virtual space between us. They, in response, had a visceral reaction to my ask. We spoke at length about the societal norms and meanings often associated with the word. It conjured upContinue reading “Self-centred”

Of what has been lost #Trauma

A traumatic experience is closely intertwined with grief. It carries a tragic feeling of what has been lost and yet not found. I have tried to capture this poetic extract based on the work with clients. To hold space for grief is an important part of the therapeutic work. Distanced from me, the body, IgnoringContinue reading “Of what has been lost #Trauma”