Of what has been lost #Trauma

A traumatic experience is closely intertwined with grief. It carries a tragic feeling of what has been lost and yet not found. I have tried to capture this poetic extract based on the work with clients. To hold space for grief is an important part of the therapeutic work. Distanced from me, the body, IgnoringContinue reading “Of what has been lost #Trauma”

Relational Safety

A poetic exploration when therapeutic alliance feels unsafe. When you look away, Spirit of safety is disarrayed. When you  softly dismiss me, My tender heart-aches to flee. When your eyes hold me back. Countless old memories return, snap When formal structures take apart space. Everyday Sensations tighten, leaving no trace, When you appear carelessly cold.Continue reading “Relational Safety”

Becoming a therapist ! A poem

A poem that emerged in response to a question I was recently asked. On becoming a therapist Grateful, I was asked this profound question.Guiding me inwards, a rich, intimate conversation. How does one companion the bodily mystery?Holding space and bearing witness to futility Trusting the thresholds – towards a day of normalcy.Unless dreams become vividContinue reading “Becoming a therapist ! A poem”


In recent days, I hear many people casually use the terms anxiety & anxious interchangeably. Feeling anxious is propelled by unease, worry or fear. Anxiety is a mental health diagnosis characterised by the below mentioned common presentations or their combination for a length of time. It is imperative not to self-diagnose. A few common symptomsContinue reading “Anxiety”

Virtual sessions are the best gift for clients seeking safety.

I made a presentation to a mental health service to consolidate my experience in the past 18 months of offering virtual therapeutic service for clients who have experienced complex #trauma.   In the past few months, I have learnt that unless the home (in which the client is currently residing) is a source of trauma, unsafeContinue reading “Virtual sessions are the best gift for clients seeking safety.”