Jaya Narayan is enthusiastic about ‘being with’ individuals and groups on their journey to reveal their creative potential. She has worked tirelessly for over two decades taking her passion for personal growth to organizations and as a therapist.

Jaya has gained qualifications in creative arts-based therapies, process work, Pyschodrama, somatic practices and behavioural coaching. She runs a private psychotherapy practice in Melbourne which specialises in working with individuals and groups who are on a continuum of mental health recovery from trauma.

As an organization, contact Jaya for employee development programs, self-care initiatives and customizing groups based on personal growth or mental health/wellbeing.

As an individual, please Jaya when you find yourself at crossroads of trauma recovery, have difficulty in expressing deeper emotions and focus on developing a stronger relationship with yourself. You can book a 15 minute free zoom consultation with me via my website.

Jaya works relationally and is ever curious about how the body and mind interplay to help us navigate our complex world. Jaya is a member of professional organizations in the field of Pyschodrama, Creative arts and Process work. Please visit her website.

My coordinates for contact are jaya dot narayan dot ramani @ gmail dot com

Previously I used to blog here. There have been a few of my favourite posts that i would like to share –

  1.  Being and Becoming a coach
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  3.  Reflection on breaking the glass ceiling – initiative for women to find their inner landscape and aspiration to grow
  4. Coaching & Client orientation
  5.  Personal Growth – Reflection
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