What I learnt from you – An ode to my clients – 2022

Here is a poetic representation of what being with clients in 2023

To be chosen to walk alongside as you tread decisively to reclaim,
Bravely returning into adverse inner experiencing many to detail.

Integration journey, kindling compassion and kindness for the self,
Trusting the instincts of the body, completing impulses previously shelved.

Forming relational spaces is an uphill task; learning to lean safely again,
Dipping into resources one toe at a time, trusting, wishing it never renders pain.

Allowing the moments of frustration, confusion and grief to be met with tenderness,
Remembering to ease the body, attending and being alive to the breathlessness

Seeking the soft tones and vocal textures that matter in times of zero respite,
Acknowledging, reaching and being with ourselves when all others bite.

Celebrating the victories in the shifts and changes that occur on the way
Being spaciously present at the moment and letting the body play.

Go well, dear ones; know that I treasure this sacred journey,
It’s precious when synchronicities occur, and my life feels worth it.

Image courtesy – Unsplash.com


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