You & I

These words honour the sacred journey between client & therapist. Individually in a pilgrimage for realising what matters. Each lending a hand and being alongside the other.

When I stayed connected to my feeling, you did too,

As you expressed your difficulties, I found ways of being with mine.
When I tended to myself, you permitted softening,

As you committed to your journey, I gained momentum for mine.

When I remained in my body, you befriended yours,

As you felt the edges of your sensations, I heaved a sigh of relief.

When I held myself in silence, you attended to the spaces between,

As you bumbled with what to say next, I found my words.

As you became clear about what you need, I found expression for being me,

When I crossed a threshold, you braved to the edges.

As I meandered, looking for clarity, you allowed darkness.

You & I, I & You, the relational space where we find the alliance.


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