What I learnt from you – An ode to my clients @2021

Every year, I reflect on what I have learnt by being with my clients. I have recognised that no course that can teach me the subtle art of relational safety & trust. I have to understand by listening and attending to the unspoken between us. I use the keywords from what I hear to construct what I know now about being a therapist.

When you mirror that everything is OK,
I feel validated and less disarrayed.

When you affirm me, my feelings and experiences,
I feel nourished and have a sense of inner peace.

When you value the quiet and slow, I honour my pace,
I feel warm and at peace, like us sitting beside a fireplace.

When you are gentle in receiving whatever matters,
Periods of silence and witnessing is when I feel enabled

When you honour your commitment to action
I uncover possibilities in your open invitations

I need to feel enough in our shared space,
For you to be you, the play, fun & find grace.

I thank each one of you for allowing me to walk beside you. I hope and pray that I continue to be embodied and attuned.


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