Sitting besides

There are some poignant moments in the therapeutic work I do that I think about often. I reflect on them as times when my mouth feels dry and there are no words to soothe the enormity of our felt sense. I am capturing one such time when we (they & I) stumbled through it harbouring the grace of the feelings.

The visual card they picked said, “I lost it”,
It mirrored how their inner worlds crisscrossed.

Resultant was a moment of ironic laughter,
Clearing the dense air, dissolving the unspoken whispers.

They sat silently pondering on what had just arisen,
I sat beside, waiting until the sensations emerged.

Back in our bodies, I spontaneously sparked an idea,
How about a few affirmations? They glanced back, a bit cynical.

I continued enthusiastically; what would you like to hear? I said aloud,
I am “brave”, they responded, whispering, am I allowed?

It was the beginning of showering them with gentle words that counted,
I am “found” and “lucky”, they expressed, a need to be wanted.

`Small junctures like these are precious; they soften held beliefs,
Sitting beside them makes our hearts decompress and grow new leaves.

Listen to the spoken words here


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