Most of the clients I work with experienced mis-attunement with their primary caregivers in their early years. At the beginning of therapy, we focus on developing an inner felt sense of warmth, care & safety. Eventually, this exploration settles. The internal world opens up.

Positive emotions enter like a fresh breeze opening their grip on low self-esteem. Gradually, we can access the possibility of change. The joy of trusting our selves.

Here is a poetic ode to the process of reconnecting with our essence and the resilience of all my clients.

Primary caregivers play a critical part,
Validating our being, soothing the aching heart(s).

“You are ok”, tender words we ache all our life to hear,
Searching constantly for loved ones whose voice(s) we endear.

Sometimes in life, we don’t receive what we seek,
Instead, feel unseen after trying everything, not a peek.

Trying our best to bolster ourselves amidst the growing self-doubts,
Their sentiments won’t add up, feelings unresolved, many strikeouts.

Somedays, weathering the guilt and shame needs every ounce of capacity,
Revving up, dysregulating, inflammation, causing internal tyranny.

Finally, one day, something switches; “what I need” becomes evident,
Finding the tenderness from within becomes apparent.

Clarity that self-soothing talk and compassionate word(s) help me feel at ease,
That attuning to myself opens up a world of new vocabulary.

I am ok”, I say to myself many times a day,
Even when a situation feels rough, I can play

Images courtesy = Pixabay


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