I have been reflecting on hope as a life force that keeps us going. In spite of the many times of sinking, hope allows us to try again. These past two years have created moments of many challenges. Death, loss, separation and suffering to name just a few.

A fraction of hope is a precious lifeline,
For days filled with grief and despair or when they combine

Hoping is finding that little something that matter(s).
Anything to keep alive the rapidly diminishing ember

They say in my culture, even one straw when drowning,
To keep us alive and for our insufficient breath ambling.

A ray of sunshine can get us out of bed, one step forward,
To feel safe, secure and seen in the world, armoured.

A voice that can settle our nerves, amidst noises from hell,
Belief in something or someone carrying us when tears yell,

The wise guide says one breathe at one time when its dark,
Allow, dissolve, express, soften is the only journey to embark.

I hope this poetic expression honours your resilience and hoping alive.


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