I work with numerous clients who are experiencing complex trauma. The paradox is that the source of the trauma stems from the betrayals of our loved ones, the inner circle of trust and safety. Due to the nature of the manifestation and its toil on mental/ emotional health, it takes a long time for trauma triggers to be identified and regulation to be reinstated. The body integration takes patience.

If you are experiencing it, don’t be disheartened. There is hope in the relational field. Trust the process.

Here is a short poem, I have written based on my experience of working with my clients.

When someone you love & trust betrays our entire being
The body is confounded with no threat cues or ways of fleeing.

Each day one feels like a zombie or walking on eggshells,
And confusing when the perpetrator manipulates and casts their spell.

Fear, favour and manipulations are a heady mix that fragment the spirit,
Our felt sense loses its voice; the distrusting self becomes explicit.

The body screams out many signals – pain, constriction and numbing,
I beckon you to trust these inner signs and listen to its wisdom- the all-knowing.

Healing complex trauma is a long slow path to befriend our nervous system.
We need a compassionate companion who is curious and gets this stuff.


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