2021 – A wise teacher.

I wanted to pay a tribute to 2021. It has been a huge teacher even though a tad harsh. Here it is a poetic exploration. Thank you for your ongoing support of my work. Continue to follow my social media accounts Instagram here.

Image courtesy: Unsplash.com

Cycles of stops, starts, interruptions, and pauses,
Taught me to slow down and be kinder to myself.

Holding unconditional spaces in the here & now,
Taught me to follow sensations and trust our instincts

Intersecting trauma, culture and insecure attachment,
Taught me to centre body wisdom and attune to the nervous system.

Letting go of known ways of being and working,
Taught me to un-become and be ready for the unfamiliar.

Orienting to new treasures of knowledge,
Taught me to be humble about my ability.

Listening deeply to my clients and their inner wisdom,
Taught me to focus on the healing powers they carried within.

Tracking my well-being everyday day,
Taught me to listen for cues from my bio-energy.

Trusting the process,
Taught me everything!

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One response to “2021 – A wise teacher.”

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