Centering on cognition associated stems from Descartes statement, “I think therefore I am”. This statement compartmentalizes the mind and the body into separate entities; ancient cultures where practices like Yoga, martial arts, Shamanism and medicine wheel emerged knew otherwise.

When therapy is practised from the hypothesis that the body is independent of the mind, heart and spirit, we sit and speak. We express what is occurring in the here & now. We listen for words that reveal our feelings. In the session, we may cry, laugh and describe a range of emotions.

On the other hand, if we surrender to the body to access our complete being, our responses may differ. For instance in a session, we could follow the need to shift the body temperature by rugging up to comfort our nerves. Perhaps, to allow the impulse to curl up like a ball to soothe an aching heart. Maybe all that is needed initially is savouring a cup of tea, listen to a soulful sound or create imprints on paper. Hence sessions in which we can feel at home (literally and metaphysically) can be revolutionary and truly therapeutic.

In the philosophy of embodied attunement, we never bypass the body. We believe that the brain goes offline when we experience dis-ease in our body. Once the body returns so does our creativity & spontaneity.

Here are images representing how sessions may look from this lens.

So next time you feel like curling up in a session with your therapist, go ahead.!!


One response to “Embodied Attunement as therapy”

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