My Prayer as a Therapist

This week I reflected on my decade long journey as a therapist. As the years are passing by, I long to reframe where what I value. In reflecting on this question, I wrote a short evocative poem.

I hope anyone in the journey like me can relate to my prayers and perhaps pen some words for yourself.


May I surrender to the alchemy of trust, safety and deep connection

Beholding twists and jolts as patterns of us finding our rhythm

May I be filled with spontaneity when plans come crashing down, rumbling?

Replacing the pedestals of certainty with the spacious sound of my heart trembling

May I remain unsure and kindle my childlike curiosity with fellow beings 

Secure in the knowing that releasing habitual patterns is always freeing.

May I forgo the need to measure success, failure and professional abilities

Immersed in meeting my untouched parts and glowing beside vulnerability 

May I never be impressed by my head theorising on what makes us heal?

Attuning to the heart, skin and felt sense remain my eternal guide; I kneel. 

May I breathe fascinated with what allows us to find our way to our inner abode

Witnessing the unfolding of separate layers, self-compassion bestowed.

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