2016 review and intention for 2017

Every year i reflect on the year gone by. Here is the blog for 2014 and 2015 Reflecting on 2016 Thriving : 2016 has been a year when me and Rajeev lived apart. This context brought up its own ups and down. Our relationship got tested. We found ways to make things work in our favour. We learnt new ways toContinue reading “2016 review and intention for 2017”

Moana – Outer adventure – inner discovery

I have always been fascinated by drama and stories since very young. I love how they guide us to the inner journey with utmost simplicity. I have written a paper on this subject, the link to the presentation can be found here. What is fascinating are stories based on the Heroes journey. For those whoContinue reading “Moana – Outer adventure – inner discovery”

Anchoring in Authenticity

Today I went to share my experience to a group of women leaders on Authenticity. This was part of the large platform called Grace Hopper Conference #GHCI2016. It is one of the largest forum for women in Technology. What is amazing is that it is a voluntary driven community. I met some really inspiring women duringContinue reading “Anchoring in Authenticity”

Use the power of words for yourself

We are so careful about how we talk to the other. I wish we can use the same principle for ourselves. There are so many stories about how words can be used or mis-used. Here are a few that personally stand out – The presence of a sage (or maybe God) listening to the spoken word. He/SheContinue reading “Use the power of words for yourself”