Any publicity is good opportunity for brand building for a freelancer like me. There havent been a lot but a very meaningful ones. Times of Amma covered me in their Mompreneur series Womens Web covered me in women in unusual professions New Women interviewed me – here is the write up If my work excites youContinue reading “Interviewed…”

Heroes inner journey – Open Enrollment program for Men

In the discourse on feminism, struggles of being a men is also not acknowledged. In the times we live in, men (even boys) are not allowed to own up their softness. Right from their birth, expressing themselves wholeheartedly , acknowledging their emotions and presenting their creative side is not encouraged. They hear Its ok to be angry but not sad ! ShameContinue reading “Heroes inner journey – Open Enrollment program for Men”

Reflection Session – June 2016 Update

  A group configured last month to reflect on their inner journey. There were 3 individuals from an open program as far back at August 2013.  The participants were from open programs (Emotional Intelligence, Finding me 1, Finding me 2, How I Relate) or corporate sponsored interventions. The idea of the 2 hour reflection – Acknowledge & CelebrateContinue reading “Reflection Session – June 2016 Update”

Upcoming Intro workshop – Bangalore

There are so many people (including yourself) who may have never considered a proactive step in personal growth. Initiating this journey is akin to planting the metaphorical seed and see yourself grow as a Tree. Expanding branches and growing roots. The Branch here is a great metaphor for new behavior, reframing response to new or old stimulus, gettingContinue reading “Upcoming Intro workshop – Bangalore”